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There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to revive your home and give it a fresh look. With our selection of interior and exterior paints, and our free color consultation service and color matching, you’ll find the perfect color and finish. We offer color matching at all locations, whereas our color consultants work at Bethesda and Potomac. Our options will cover everything from repainting a piece of furniture to a whole house.


Having trouble deciding on the best color to complete your project? Let Karla and Freda, our color consultants, guide you through the process. In order for them to assess your taste and get a better idea of your goals, customers are welcome to bring in an inspiration piece, such as a rug or piece of fabric. If you don’t have something in mind, you can always show them photos of the space you’d like to update. Walk-ins are welcome, but we suggest calling to ensure availability. Take advantage of this free service for your next paint project!


Karla is known for her warmth and kindness, which she brings to each consultation. With over 15 years of experience and 7 years at Strosniders, her goal is to combine her knowledge and experience to deliver the best creative environment for your clients. Freda has worked in the retail industry since 2005. She has a strong passion for color, and strives to create warm and inviting living spaces. In addition to helping you understand what factors affect color, both consultants work with customers until they are satisfied with their color choices.

Color Consultant
Meet with Karla at our Bethesda or Potomac location. Call to confirm her schedule to ensure availability.


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